Adasti Gadahee 

About Adasti (Grandmother Jean)

Adasti Gadahee, (Grandmother Jean) is an Ulunsuti, or Cherokee crystal worker, ceremonialist and spiritual teacher. She carries forth the teachings passed down to her from her Cherokee grandmothers. Her learning and teaching however, is not confined soley to her Native American heritage. She honors the traditions of Egypt, Tibet, China, India and many other great spiritual traditions.

She is currently living and working in Taos, New Mexico between trips abroad. Adasti is an international traveler who has visited and exchanged indigenous energies and views with the Maoris in New Zealand, the Aboriginies in Australia, Sami in Sweden and the Mayans of the Yucatan in Mexico, as well as many tribes of North America.

For the past five decades, she has taken her teaching to all the peoples of the world and all four directions of this planet to teach and to learn. In Alaska, Canada and South America she is always warmly welcomed, as well as from the four directions of the U.S.A., by those she has shared ceremony with.

A widow and mother of five, Adasti, (Grandmother Jean) travels globally to share her love, and teach her knowledge of the Way of Right Relationship -to Creator, to Self, to Children, and to Grandmother Earth.