Adasti Gadahee 

This is a brief introduction to crystals and working with crystals. I won't divulge all the  many ways of using crystals that were passed onto me in the Cherokee tradition on this website but will give you a taste of the diversity and power of crystals.

I received this knowledge from my Grandmother and other female members of my family beginning at an early age. I continue to use and develope this knowledge that I now teach in individual sessions, workshops and women's circles.

However, not all healing techniques and intensive ceremony can be shared as it is based on a tradition that cannot be revealed publically. Therefore, I only share a limited introduction on this website.

This is not a crashcourse in how to use the various types of crystals. Therefore do not attempt to use crystals for spiritual healing purposes without  full knowledge of do's and dont's pertaining to each type of crystal.

Adasti's Crystals

Crystal Properties

  1. Rounded Spheres- Rutilated balls used to visualize and Materialize your needs and desires.
  2. Very long Master Crystal Wands - Used in a horizontal position to rleasse heart and back tension. Stress is released through one end, an replaced with positive energy from the opposite end.
  3. Double Terminated, 12 facited crystals - Used in a horizontal position to release heart and back tension, stress and negative energy is released through the opposite end.
  4. Crystals from beneath lakes - These have healing energy to bbe used on various parts of th body, and to ground, balance and empower. Also used for releasing energy blocks.
  5. Special crystals to be used only on spinal area.
  6. Serpentine Eggs - To be placed on various areas of the body.
  7. Rose Quartz Eggs - Used for balancing the Heart Chakra. They have a soft, loving, healing energy.